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Letter to You

Since we established our Kelowna office in 1996, our focus has been on providing advice based on our clients’ unique circumstances and a thorough understanding of their financial position.

We understand that there can be considerable anxiety surrounding the management of your wealth. We believe it is our job to build trust and to educate, not simply to make decisions for you. We encourage you to ask questions. We aim to demonstrate that how we invest is at least as important as what we invest in. We do our best to coach you on how to make disciplined, patient decisions that align with your personal goals. 

We pride ourselves on our independence and objectivity and find that they are the cornerstones to putting our clients’ interests first.

It is our hope that by working with us, you will better understand the nature of financial markets and how they can be used to serve you best.



Craig Gronsdahl, CPA, CA, CFP®

Quinton Ursulan, CIM®

Financial Plans

A financial plan is like a roadmap. The idea is that by knowing the route, you can get from point A to point B, without too much difficulty and ensure you arrive on time. And just like that annoying voice on your GPS during a road trip, an advisor can tell you when you might be headed off track.


There are three types of financial planing tools we utilize to ensure that you hit your financial goals.


Monte Carlo Model
A Monte Carlo Model is a statistical simulation tool that we use to project a range of possible outcomes for your portfolio. A Monte Carlo model incorporates volatility into estimates and excels at single-goal projections

Traditional Financial Plan
A traditional financial plan excels at incorporating tax into projections, creating a visual representation of the effects that investing in different accounts can have, and the expected change in net worth over time.


Net Present Value Analysis

On occasion, there may be a particularly challenging financial problem, where planning software limitations may not provide an direct answer. To solve these problems, we may utilize a Net Present Value (NPV) analysis.


As wealth managers with a holistic view of asset management, we know that every dollar contributed to insurance could be spent building your investment assets to the point where insurance is no longer needed. However, certain risks in life need to be insured.


Whether you've entered into a new business partnership, started a corporation, own a company and do not have extended medical benefits, or have recently brought on a new addition to your family, we can help you find the most cost-effective solution to your insurance needs. We focus on providing term-insurance, not whole-life, as we find it to be the optimal way to reduce your financial risk while maintaining the flexibility needed to build your assets.

Our most common insurance solutions include Health Spending Accounts (HSAs), and term-insurance.

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