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Our Letter To You

Since we established our Kelowna office in 1996, our focus has been on providing advice based on our clients’ unique circumstances and a thorough understanding of their financial position.

We understand that there can be considerable anxiety surrounding the management of your wealth. We believe it is our job to build trust and to educate, not simply to make decisions for you. We encourage you to ask questions. We aim to demonstrate that how we invest is at least as important as what we invest in. We do our best to coach you on how to make disciplined, patient decisions that align with your personal goals. 

We pride ourselves on our independence and objectivity and find that they are the cornerstones to putting our clients’ interests first.

It is our hope that by working with us, you will better understand the nature of financial markets and how they can be used to serve you best.



Craig Gronsdahl, CPA, CA, CFP®

Quinton Ursulan, CIM®


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