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Unique Approach

Science-based Solutions

Risk Management


Low Fees



Financial Planning


Tax Efficiency

No Sales Commissions

We believe in implementing investment strategies based on the best academic research available.

We manage risk by ensuring your portfolio is properly diversified and you have the optimal asset allocation for your risk profile.

We understand that every dollar you pay in fees is a dollar you no longer have to invest. As such, we use investments that carry some of the lowest fees in the industry.

By preparing financial plans, we can help to remove uncertainties you may have about your financial future. We find they help to foster discipline, encourage patience, and instill focus on the bigger picture.


We ensure our investment strategies are implemented as tax efficiently as possible. Our preferred investment strategies incur low turnover, which helps minimizes your tax burden.


We believe we should earn our compensation for providing sound financial advice, not for selling products.

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