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As wealth managers with a holistic view of asset management, we know that every dollar contributed to insurance could be spent building your investment assets to the point where insurance is no longer needed. However, certain risks in life need to be insured. Whether you've entered into a new business partnership, started a corporation, own a company and do not have extended medical benefits, or have recently brought on a new addition to your family, we can help you find the most cost effective solution to your insurance needs.

We focus mainly on providing term-insurance, as it tends to be the most cost effective way to reduce your financial risk, and maintains the flexibility needed to build your assets.

Our most common client insurance needs:


If you've recently started a corporation or entered into a partnership, have you thought about what might happen to that business if you or a partner passed away unexpectedly? At the time of death, those business shares may be deemed to have been disposed of (sold at market value). If you do not have an insurance policy in place, your business would not only have to face the challenge of replacing it's key personnel, but could face an unexpected tax liability. 

If you are just starting your family, money can be tight. Thankfully, in younger years, insurance is relatively inexpensive as we are likely still in good health. For the cost, per month, of a single meal out at a restaurant, you can obtain all the coverage you and your new family may need.

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) provide business owners the opportunity to write off their medical costs as deductible business expenses. It goes without saying that the more money you can keep in your hands, the better.

Buying or Starting

a Business

Having a Baby


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